ERIC-OLUF SVEE is a researcher at Stockholm University’s Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.  He received his Master’s of Science in Interactive Systems Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology/KTH in 2007 and has undergraduate degrees in Political Philosophy and Music Performance (saxophone and voice). His PhD concerning the uses of consumer preferences in the design of information systems was completed in 2017.

Prior to his return to academia, Eric-Oluf’s work in several leading technology companies, including Adobe Systems and AT&T Wireless, focused on information management and design, as well as accessible design for persons with sensory and functional impairments. His most recent positions were as a research engineer with the Swedish Defence Research Agency (Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut) where he worked in the area of conceptual modeling, and as a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science with the Consider8 project. Consider8 focused on delivering personalized services to mobile devices in a privacy sensitive manner and generated a patent filing.

Eric-Oluf’s background has produced many, varied interests, which include user context and situatedness, particularly in the area of social media, Values Sensitive Design (VSD), user-assistive technologies, Science, Technology, and Society (STS), data visualization, time geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS),  consumer values, enterprise modeling, enterprise architecture, requirements engineering, and business-IT alignment.

Eric-Oluf’s current research focuses on integrating values into the design of Information/Communication Technology (ICT) artifacts, as well as social media viewed within the lens of (STS). He is a affiliated with the Synthetic Populations group at KTH, as well Basis at DSV.

Eric-Oluf Svee

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